27 February, 2011

long time no see!

Wow! I just realised that we haven't updated this for a LOOOONG time!

Well as for an update I'm not going to spiel about the last couple of years, lets instead look into the future!

This week as many of you know is Massey University O-week and we are a bunch of busy little bees this week with heaps of performances.

We have two of the Massey o-week partys coming up, with some wicked local acts playing (but you're coming for us, not the bands. right?). The toga party is on Tuesday night(march 1st) and the bizarre ball is on Thursday night (march 3rd). Then we have the big event on Saturday (march 5th) a massive free concert in the square. See HERE for more details and ticketing.

Speaking of Saturday, during the day we will be spinning around town as part of the arts on edge event so keep your eyes peeled!

as well as the wicked oweek events we have clubs day on Wednesday (2nd March) which is a day for all of the clubs and societies to strut their stuff and get some new members. We will have a table set up from about 9.30am on concourse so you can come along and sign up! we will have all our gear with us so you can give spinning a go (with some nice safe practise gear =P) and we will have a few fire spins throughout the day so you can see what we get up to!

I think that's about it for this week at least! I will try to remember to keep this blog updated with photos and videos etc but also check out our for more info.

so for now

happy spinning!!!

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