20 July, 2011

Oh hai!

Totally forgot that we had this! Really should keep track of things like this. Unfortunately, this whole blog (damn, I don't like that word...) has fallen into digital disrepair for two reasons.
1: As mentioned, forgot we had it...
2: We've been really, really, positively busy!

So, in closing on another fun and friendly Clubs Day, I update this with a brief (and those who know me will beg to disagree) run through on what we did over the last 5 months!

To begin our story, dear reader, find yourself a comfortable nook in you chair and possibly a hot drink, for this tale shall be one of intrigue and amazement that may be so intriguing and entertaining that you may not want to leave! Either that, or your back will like you for falling asleep in a more pleasant position...

On March 25th, the local arts community put on a show celebrating various cultures and the transition into the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. This event consisted of various cultural kiosks and ethnic foods, culminating in a lantern parade around The Square. Those familiar with Palmerston North will know that the Square is, effectively, the four sided park in the centre of town. Very hard to miss. Now, the really awesome thing about this show was that the lanterns used for this procession were made by the local children, with materials donated by the Arts Recycling Centre. They made their wicked little lanterns out of what many would consider wastes and turned them into personal works of art. How awesome is that? Unfortunately, I've been unable to locate any photo's of these lanterns, but many of them were amazing!
So yeah, we were invited to spin for this as part of their closing concert/show, which included the wonderfully talented IPC drum team, many other local acts and a gypsy swing band,the Barons of Tang. Anyway, here's our set! Please excuse the poor focus, the auto focus works on detecting infra-red light, which the fire also produces...

More information about the Arts Recycling Centre can be found here!

From this event, we move on to the Art on Edge! The Art on Edge day was an absolutely amazing idea, bought forward by the local arts community where several art galleries around the Library sector (Zimmerman, Thermostat, Square Edge, Te Manawa) opened their doors to the public and built interlinking chains of local performance groups, poets and artists. There was everyone from local bands to theatre troupes to Tai Chi masters. Even the Morris dancers were out shaking their bells! The whole day was set up to promote as many different types of art and to get the children involved and motivated to create! An amazing day to celebrate art in all its forms! We were out there in all our burning glory!

The Lovely Nay!
The Talented Jenna
The Spicy Lynelle!
Captain Halitosis!

This last picture was far too good to leave out and is begging for some kind of humorous caption or lolspeak-like comment. All I can say is "I sees the blananna, so I eats the blananna!"

From there, we mosyed onto the Mai Farm "Greener Ways: Sustainable Living" festival. This was, as the name suggests, a get together to share and exhibit some of the more planet friendly aspects of the region. We were invited out to have a spin and we took it as an excuse to hang out and have fun! To add to the occasion, we met up with some friends we had made at Kiwiburn, Daryl and Rose Gawn (http://gawncountry.blogspot.com/). Much love to them!

At this spin, there was many fun things done!

There was some hoopin'!

A whole manner of attractive people!

And some freaky blue thing!

Oh, some fire was there too...

I will admit, I had a good chuckle at the idea of having a fire performance troupe at a sustainable eco-friendly festival...

So, yeah! That's effectively what's been happening  in our neck of the woods for the last 5 months. Only now do I have the chance to write about it, mainly because we've been fairly busy with setting up for our next performance, which is this Saturday. It is the biggest private performance that the club has had to date! The amount of work put into it by our members is amazing and I am very proud of them! We are gonna rock this show. Hopefully, I'll remember to film it... Haha!

All in all, this is going to be our year! We are going to be bigger and better than before!

It's now after 1am and I am le tired. With hope you feel sufficiently up-to-dated with us and will possible join us again! I can guarantee that the next post will not be as arduous to read.

Peace and love!

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