05 October, 2015

Did someone say Costume Competition!??

So as most of you all know September marks our 10th birthday!

To celebrate and get the creative juices flowing we held a costume competition on the last Friday of the month.
With six members entering there was a wide range of ideas, colours and textures including feathers and tie die.

Like all semi organised competitions there was judging criteria
  • Costume must be appropriate for a range of gigs 
  • Is the costume uniqueness 
  • Does it have the Pop/wow factor
  • How practicality is the costume, and can it be used with a range of toys. 
  • Finishing, will it last more then one performance and does it look complete?

 Although it was not required some members also had a background story to their costume.
Check out some of the photos and hopefully we can pull of another competition like this in the future.
Do you have a costume idea?? Give it a go!

Ben with his fantastic stilt pants! Stenciled shirt and finer detail done to the jacket.
A practical costume that can be used for all manner of roaming gigs for almost all crowds.
Plus he can still whip it, whip it real good. 

It started off as an explosion of colour...

And resulted in Carolyn's rainbow experience. Works incredibly well with that stunning contact ball
If you look super close check out that colourful mask. 

Both contact juggling and poi friendly! Versatile.... tick!

No matter what angle you look at this, the general agreement is this is a heck of a mess!
But resulted in something like a candy cane.
A multipurpose candy cane at that!
All the feathers and pompoms!
Add his massive fire axe and this guy is
a force to be reckoned with!

Our own Harlequin! Impressive amount of fabric paint used on this one and
our over all winner receiving a Home of Poi Voucher!
Detail right down to the shoes.

Some say crazy cat lady... I say cat enthusiast.
Cleopatra themed, this costume had detail from the necklace to the cat ears!


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