01 March, 2017

A Hot Start to the New Year

Good news! Now that term is started we can look forward to SHOWCASE on Tuesday the 14th of March, where we will be showing off a range of acts and feats. This will include fire spinning, aerial performance, adagio, poi and a variety of other things.
There will be spot prizes and refreshments and entry is free!
Pop on down to the Activity Centre at the Rec at 7:45pm and see what all the fuss is about.

Phew! Today was Clubs' Day at Massey and, for such a mild summer, we seemed to get all the sun today! This made for some toasty spinning on the grass by Concourse and we had to keep an eye out to make sure we didn't set the grass on fire. We had a whole heap of interest from enthusiastic prospective members, and were visited by some old friends and members from previous years as well.

We had a range of props on display today from fire juggling clubs, hoops, staves of various sorts (heavy contact, dragon, S-staff, standard), juggling and contact juggling props, fire fans, rope dart... and we didn't even bring out all the toys today. There will be a lot more on show at our Showcase.
Fire hoop, fire fans, dragon staff, heavy staff, and our beloved safety kit..
because you don't get to play with fire if you don't play safe!
Wearing a woolly hat on a hot day,
still stops the singed hair!
Briana catches people's eye with a swirling dragon staff
Ardo does awesome aerial tricks
with his staff!

And just when we thought it was knock-off time, we had another gig this evening! We performed outside the annual Sex & The City fun information evening (question & answers to safe sex choices, relationships, drugs, alcohol and more...) organised by the Rec Centre, Accommodation Services and MUSA. It was great fun.

Here are some pictures. Quite a few people took their own at the time, and if you ever feel like sharing yours with us, you can post them on our Facebook page :)

Tessa with some non-fire.
James with a monster burn-off
[photo: Trent Skeet]
KM with fire poi!

And the AXE!

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