27 October, 2017

Spring Romps

Cole Young: tongue transfers!
The year is sizzling along at a crackling pace. September has brought some amazing opportunities. We took part in a Fireworks Festival fundraiser for Hospice Whanganui in September. It was a fantastic night and the crowd really got into it. On campus we did a few nights supporting the Massey University Drama Society Showcase, "Catalyst". We really love being able to spice up life a bit on campus, and our gigs at the University are a great way for regular students to get to see what sorts of Clubs are available to them. If that's you, come on by and see us at the Activity Centre behind the Rec on Tuesday and Friday nights (7:30-9:30pm).. never overestimate how much coordination you need to have, to learn some really fancy looking skills! We are a friendly, supportive, no-pressure crew. :)

We were super lit to be invited back to the annual IPU Spring Festival (on September 30th). It's always a treat to get out among the blossoms and see some of the diverse and colourful performances and activities.
The audience crowded around us (at a respectful distance; thank you kindly!) as we treated them to a show of fire; dance, juggling and fire-eating.

erebus: with fire fans
We noticed that there were many photographers in the crowd, and we love seeing your pictures. If you are ever interested in sharing on social media Massey University Fire & Circus would love a tag, or you can email pictures to pnmufc@gmail.com 
Thanks very much to Mark from Highlight Photography who kindly sent us these beautiful stills. We're stoked that you enjoyed the performance.

James Ardo: another beautiful burn-off
Liam Bignell: fire juggling
Cole Young: a man of fine taste
Circus Skills Workshop [photo credit: Jeremy Parry]
Rolling into October we got involved in some of the student events that formed the lead up to Stress Free Study Week and exams. Thanks MUSA for encouraging us all to get involved with a Circus Skills Workshop for all comers on Concourse on October 4th. A variety of people rocked on up to have a go at everything from hula-hoops to whips, with some juggling and flow toys thrown in for good measure.

On the 18th we were in The Square in Palmy, entertaining the crowd and competitors of TKO (Tertiary Knock Out). Tertiary students from Massey, UCOL, TWOA and IPU competed in a variety of novelty events for the glory of their institutions, and.. more importantly the amusement of the spectators. Great work, everyone.

Pretty fireworks at Rongotea: see you there!
Coming into fireworks season comes a reminder to be fire safe. If you are setting off your own fire works, make sure your pets stay inside, never dive in to rescue duds, and keep a bucket of water nearby just in case. We'd love you to think ahead and use common sense.

Last night we were out at Ohingaiti at the Manaweka Fire Brigade fireworks display. It was so worth the trip out! Thanks heaps everyone who was in the crowd making us feel so welcome.
We look forward to seeing everyone at the annual fireworks at Rongotea (3rd November) on Friday night next week! It promises to be a great night out for the family.

On the 20th of October MUFC had our AGM and elected a new Committee for the coming year, so this will be the last post of the year from me before we hand over to our new crew.
This is a personal thank you Massey University Fire & Circus for being a great bunch of people and enjoying this year together. {erebus - 2017 Secretary}

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