09 February, 2012

New Year, New Crew, and New Possibilities

Well, as previously stated it appears that a new year is upon us...even if it did seemingly creep up out of no where!  We are excited about 2012 being another year of great experiences for the club.

So first off I think we should introduce some new faces to the club's committee (and some not so new).  Without further ado, we have:

Tyran Mirko returning as club president

Carolyn Edgecumbe emerging as treasurer

Lynelle Munns in our new role of performance coordinator

 Nicky Strang taking care of us as safety officer

Steph Yeung keeping us fired up as fuel coordinator

 Claire Hesling emerging as club secretary

Now that we have introduced you to the new committee we can introduce some new club information...

This year is going to be another exciting year for the club!  We already have a busy fall ahead of us with quite a few performances at Massey, in town (as part of the growing arts community in Palmerston North), and some exciting bigger shows including the Balloon Festival, Lantern Festival, the Retro Square affair, and more.  I will be keeping the blog up to date with new events in the right hand events bar.  In addition to the abundance of performances in our future the club is also branching out into more ways to enhance our member's experience.  This means that as well as providing our staples of fire poi and fire staff we are going to be offering new things this year.  Look our for stilts, fire snakes, fire fans, hula hooping, and more costuming/character work.

Right well, that's it for now and so I will leave you with photos of some of our shenanigans over the summer.  Take care and keep watching this space!

 Fire poi with Ty (thanks to Shane Bayley)

Lynelle's flow levi-stick.  She disappeared! (thanks to Shane Bayley)

Claire's antispin flower (thanks to Shane Bayley)

Kiwiburn 2012 - A lucky few of our members managed to get to Kiwiburn this year.  It was an amazing time full of very welcoming people and lots of fun.  Also a great place to enhance your fire skill set.  Definitely recommended to all firespinners! (Hopefully next year we can get more club members to join in the fun)

 Renee with fire fans

Some fire spinners at KiwiBurn

Carolyn before and after - stilts edition

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