26 August, 2012

Better Late than Never

Right well, looks like we are just a *bit* overdue for a new post.  I think it is almost guaranteed that if at the beginning of the year you make a promise like "biweekly posts" it will not happen.  But here's hoping that this sets a new trend.

Enough of saying sorry  - lets get to the interesting stuff!

The beginning of the school year gave us lots to do.  As everyone settled into their studious (or not so studious) roles, we had fun on the weekends performing at gigs.  We had the Lantern Festival, Arts on Edge, participated in the Relay for Life with Highly Flammable (a Wellington company which obviously shares our interest in fire), and a few performances for Massey University.  Then came the winter lull.  Luckily club members kept high spirits and we made some of our own fun.  We had a few casual meet ups in the square to do some spinning, even one with the Manawatu drummers!  That was pretty neat, it's always nice to have extra creativity around, especially when that creativity results in music for us.  There was also a trip to the circus - in which we even managed to keep all our members from running off to join them.

Club members have also been branching out on their own time into some more circus arts and such.  We have a few of our members working towards being able to do aerial work (much harder than it looks!).  Some of our crew have become pretty awesome stilters! Creativity is flowing when it comes to making our own toys too, everything from rope darts to glow fans have been cropping up within our crew.  Needless to say we are pretty excited to see where all of this leads to, and it's great to see people taking their learning and gear into their own hands.

On that note, the winter lull is ending and it looks like the next couple of months are going to be pretty busy.  Stay tuned for proper information about the gigs in our future but for now lets just say we have a bit of travelling coming up and possibly even some costumes to make :)

I think that the thing on most of our minds right now is UNDER THE SPINFLUENCE!  About 10 of our members have been able to get tickets to participate in this event.  It's set to happen in only about 2 weeks time and it looks like it is going to be amazing!  The amount of talent that is going to be present at this festival is almost overwhelming, so let's hope we come home with some new tricks and great memories.

I'll leave you now with some photos and videos for your viewing pleasure.  Hope to be a bit more reliable on the updates this semester!  Take care and happy spinning!

 Clubs Day Fun
 Having a ball with photography
 Using creativity to make awesomeness
 Juggling Act
 Just hanging around (and trying to lock up Lynelle)
 Spinning railway style
 The Lantern Festival
 The Lantern Festival 2
 Stilt dancing at the Relay for Life
 Showing off our gear (vote for Nicky! in the HOP competition)
 Lighting up the Relay

Balloons at Carterton!
MUFC Compilation Video - thanks Steph

Lantern Festival Performance - thanks for filming Ben, and to all performers :)


Unity and Diversity Performance - thanks Nicky, and all those involved!


U & D: The making of - thanks Tammy and crew


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