03 February, 2013

Return of the Club


It would seem that things have one again gotten the better of us over the last year... But let's be honest. If you look through the last little bit of our blog, you'd likely see that its a fairly common theme. However, given that this is a new year and it is actually at the start, We shall endeavor to appease the masses and make some updates! One can always be hopeful!

So, with the end of the last year, we had another change in leadership with the tragic loss of Steph and Claire, due to study related incidents. But who am I to judge?

Carrying on!

We have new people on the Committee this year, and with the wonderful powers of the Internets, I shall present them forthwith, using some of the worst photos possible!

Taking the lead this year is our new President, Beth! Or... Iron Bess... Or Amy Army! Sometimes even going by "Oi, you there!".

Coming in safely and on the new front, is the ever co-ordinated Te Rina, as our new Safety Officer
And rounding out our list of new comers is Taelon! This wonderful young man is our new fuel guard!
Unfortunately, we couldn't find a picture of him, so here is a cat pushing a watermelon out of a lake... I hope that appeases you.

Now, mainly because I'm lazy, and it saves on read length (honesty and logic is how I work), I present, in all their... Glory?
Lynelle (Performance Co-ordinator), Carolyn (Treasurer), Nicky* (Assistant Performance Co-ordinator) and of course, Ty/Myself as Secretary!

*(O.K. it is a pretty good pic of Nicky, but that girl is strangely photogenic... Or she know how to be awesome infront of a camera).

Anyway, enough of this hoohah!
The next one will have what we've been up to!


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