04 February, 2013

Super Happy Fun Times in Wangas!

Yes, you read that right! You can have Super Happy Fun Times in places other than Palmerston North.
Now, calm down Palmy... It's summer break! Uni's been over for a while and, as you would know, people do some crazy things over Summer Break...

But, as alway, I digress. We got invited to a Festival of Cultures by the local council and we jumped at the chance to hang out in the River City! We rounded up the kids and set up camp at The Riverside Motel, and we bought the fun to the party!

This was also an introduction of our stilt walkers!
A rather sinister shadow in the back....

From there, we were invited back for a couple other shows, such as the River City Caboodle. This was a day celebrating the vintage eras and was a blast for all involved!
Look, they think they're Beatles!

I can't tell who was the Egg and who was the Spoon in this race...

Some-one call a Doctor!
Moving on to the most recent stint in the River City, we've been doing some stuff for the NZ Master Games. As yet, there are no photos of this event, as we are waiting for them to be released, but we rocked out some fire shows over the last weekend and have one more this week! This was a fantastic event and gave the crew an opportunity to discover the pitfalls of togas! Much adjustment on the night!

Will keep y'all posted on our next event!

See ya soon!