01 October, 2013


So it’s that time a year where we get a new committee and it seems we have almost had a complete overhaul so let me introduce the new troupe.

Firstly we have out New President Stephenie Yeung (Also known by The Asian)  showing us the intensity of how much of an awesome president she plans to be this year.


Second we have out new Treasurer Katheryn Pascoe Serving us fierce 80’s colour pop realness 

Next Up is the boy who recently decided he will no longer grow up and admit to being as crazy as the rest of us our new Safety and Gear officer is Scott Newberry

Returning in a new position we have Carolyn Edgecumbe As our Performance coordinator

This year Our Fuel is Taelon Batty  Again and since last year we only had a pic of a cat and a water melon here is Taelon as a cat and a bat .

And this yeah Myself Matt Gray am filling the role of secretary

This year we also have Ty As our Assistant……. EVERYTHING
And finally this year we have our Patron Lynelle Munns



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Anonymous said...

Good golly! Someone needs a spell check before they put such a mess of words online!