01 October, 2014

Look What the Cat Dragged In.

On the 30th September we had our AGM.
First of all a massive thank you to our 2014 Committee, we couldn't have done it without you all and we look forward to your continued presence and contribution at Club!
As a result of our AGM however we have a few NEW faces as well as a few OLD TIMERS  on our Committee for 2015!
Carolyn, our new President. Many of you may recognise her from past Committee's.
Previously she has been our Treasurer as well as Performance Co-coordinator. 

The face is not normally blue so you might not recognise her however this is our new Secretary Katheryn-Margaret (KM).
Last year KM was on our Committee as Treasurer. 
Ben has been a Member of the Fire Club for many years, however this year has stepped up to take on a a shared
role of Gear and Safety Officer.
Scott, looking as dapper as ever in his waist coat, has been re-appointed as
Gear and Safety Officer, alongside Ben. 
Our new faces to the Fire Club Committee.
From the left we have Emma, our newly appointed Treasurer.
Center we have Laura, our new Fuel Officer.
Lastly on the right we have Kathryn, our Assistant, who is available to help any of our other
 Committee members.

Looks like we have a fantastic Team to guide the Club for the next year!
Look out for updates about all of our gigs, events, and crazy shenanigans to come.

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