12 January, 2015


So another fantastic year is over and some fair wells have been said. However despite leaving town and even some leaving the country they cannot get rid of us that easily! 

First off we have a couple of Canadians  to acknowledge who lit up Kiwi burn 2013!
Karrie and Tyler!
I must say they are my favourite Canadians yet ;) but have unfortunately left us to return to Canada. They were here for a good time not a long time, yet they definitely left their mark! Karrie and Tyler were both talented members of the Club, joining up to do a fire performance consisting of mini hoops (Karrie) and poi (Tyler) for our Show Case of 2014, really making an impression on our newbies! Karrie also partnered with our Secretary Katheryn Margaret (KM) to do a full sized hoop performance for Unity and Diversity of 2014.
So as a small tribute to the two of them here are a few pics :P 

Karrie (Left) with KM (Right) for U&D
Tyler spinning poi at Club.

Karrie playing with her mini hoops

Next person that must be mentioned is our Patron Lynelle who has been around for as long as anyone can remember! not due to lack of love for us but due to bigger brighter horizons she has moved towns. Known for her outstandingly good deep throat fire eating, poi and levee stick, to name only a few, her skills will be missed but we will continue to drag her back to events no doubt.  

Hmmm burnt popcorn.....

Lastly Nicky! She is leaving us with all her beautiful hoops and hip movements due to job opportunities out of the town. Starting off with poi her passion for hooping soon developed and her continuously changing hair will be missed.

Nicky heating things up.

All the pretty colours!

I should also mention Scott but we have not yet accepted him as having left as he seems to keep popping up and lets be honest, we have our claws too deep in him for him to actually leave haha


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