03 February, 2015

A Post about a Paddock

As the title indicates this is indeed a post about a paddock but not just any kind of paddock and not just any kind of post.
This is a post about KIWIBURN WYRD 2015!
Which was indeed held in a paddock in the middle of nowhere. 

The 12th Kiwiburn festival in New Zealand was held on Wednesday the 21st of January to Monday the 26th of January and it was one i'm sure no participant will forget!
If you have never heard of Kiwiburn before it is an annual festival held in New Zealand derived in part from the Burning Man festival held in Nevada. the Festival brings people together to celebrate colour, music, fire arts, spirituality, culture, self expression, and community. The festival tests your survival skills as you must bring everything you will need with you, including water, food, and infinite smiles. Bartering and gift giving is encouraged but no money exchanges hands through out the festival unless it is of course to purchase ice at the deport to help survive the 30'C weather. The Kiwiburn website has all the detailed information you could ever need about the festival which you can click this link here ------> http://kiwiburn.com/ 
However this post is to share some of the experiences of our members and their photos for everyone to enjoy!

Every year on the Saturday night we have the Burning Man! But this year it was a Burning WOMAN! A beautiful sculpture made mostly of pallets and bamboo, was a landmark and the star of hundreds of photos for Kiwiburn 2015.
When the woman is burnt everyone cheers and dances around the burning effigy. A celebration of everything.

Designed by Nico Woodward of Auckland

From behind you could climb a ladder into the woman's head and see through her eyes.
A common joke throughout the festival was how amazed many men must have been at the ability  to get inside a woman's head

The other main event of the festival which occures every year is on the Sunday, the burn of the Temple. Designed by Rohana Weaver this year the Temple was a very spiritual place of letting go, moving forward, finding balance, unity and interwoven nature of life.
People were encouraged to write messages on the walls of the Temple before the night of the burn.

All the flags made a surprisingly loud noise, rustling in the wind. 
The night of the Temple Burn is spiritual, quite emotion event done in silence. It effects everyone differently but the beauty of Kiwiburn is the community and support given to everyone. This year due to wind and location we had some tents attacked with a hose from the fire engine to ensure we did not have burning tents alongside the burning temple.

A photo can never truly explain the beauty of such a moment.

As it went down so well last year we brought it back for 2015..... BUCKET COUSCOUS 
No one was left hungry that night!

And this must be mentioned! A portable DJ and Bar towed by a fire engine! yes you got that right guys! A fire engine travelling the paddock to provide festivity in the form of beer music and dance!

Party time? Always!

Pimp my ride? 
Alternative healing was present in the paddock, along side a first aid tent. But this portable healing booth went go down as a favourite, SLAP CITY HEALING. How does it work you may ask? Take a mysterious shot to cure your ailment immediately followed by a good slap to the face to ensure it is chased out of the body, followed by a bear hug to top it off. 
Voluntarily stepping up for a good ol' slap of healing.

Well that's all for now guys! I hope you consider coming next year! another blog will be posted once I can get permission to use some more photos :) 
Any questions feel free to ask.

OH! and lucky last Kiwiburn Wyrd 2015 got a sweet write up in the Wanganui chronicle. Take a quick look if you have the time ----->http://www.nzherald.co.nz/wanganui-chronicle/news/article.cfm?c_id=1503426&objectid=11391076

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