14 February, 2015

Paddock Life.

Second blog about a paddock!
Kiwiburn 2015 part two.
I have stumbled across some of Carolyn's photos and have permission to use them so here is more insight as to what Kiwiburn WRYD 2015 contained.

Bumped into some interesting characters :P
Clothing, no clothing, costumes, masks, stilts... anything goes at Kiwiburn. 

Human centipede ?

Tea cup on wheels serving beer not tea! Flashes at night, blows flames from the
very top and plays music to jam along to. Party in a tea cup? Yes please. 

The burning (wo)man viewed through a kaleidoscope lens!
A thousand images of everything! 

Interactive art work. As well as the hammocks set up across
the structure, the roof was a massive hammock.
Designed and built by "The Hangout crew."
Bring on Kiwiburn 2016. Maybe Fire Club will even get our heads together and create a theme camp or art work to add to the vibrancy of the paddock.

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