22 April, 2015

It is more then just wiggling your hips!


It has been a long time coming but success has been achieved. Last year some pipping was donated to Fire Club and we planned to make some new hula hoops as, lets be frank, our current ones were in tatters and in no shape to teach newbies or even further develop existing skills :S
Almost a year later our brilliant SUZI and KM got out the power tools and rolled up their sleeves.  
Even  though she has a broken thumb this lady still know how to make a great hoop!

Not sure what to call this tool but it makes me feel powerful and skilled :D

I would likely avoid her... haha game face is on!

The product!
In total we constructed five hoops, two 34 inch two 36 inch and one large one for our taller members and to learn new tricks- the bigger the hoop the slower it moves. It is such a lovely change to have hoops that are hoop able! From here wellllll... I think its time for a hoop workshop and make good use of these new toys.

Does any one have requests for colours as they are yet to be tapped.

If you are in the Palmerston North Region Suzi also runs a weekly hoop jam, its more then just wiggling your hips! check her Facebook page out here --->Hoop-Jam-Palmerston-North

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