01 June, 2015

Enlightenment and Home improvements?

Hi guys! Long time no post.
Last month we had a show at the Enlighten Ball in Palmerston North! We are still waiting on nice quality photographs but for now you can see the not so great photographs from my not so great phone. If you squint a little and tilt your head it may improve the photo slightly....
Masquerade Ball so of course, there must be a Phantom!

Fire Fans for the win.

A little bit of every thing

And in case that was not enough to entertain you here is an image of our members jamming to Mambo number five ;)

We are also wanting to improve our club so if you are a current member of past member we want your feedback. It only takes a few moments to fill this out :)
It won't take long and it means we can organise things to meet your needs/demands. Also it is anonymous but still please take it semi seriously and please no phonie responses.
Follow this awesome link   survey survey survey

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