31 July, 2015

Gotta Crack that Whip!

Semester two has started for those of us in New Zealand studying at University.
It has also meant a chance to invite new members to join our Club and try not to scare them off with our crazy antics.
That being said if you need some motivation to get on top of your study, come on down to Club so we can "crack that whip."
Ben our resident whip cracker, does a cracking good job! As seen on Tuesday night! I took a small video to share with you all! No need for a motivational speech, just take a few seconds to watch the clip......

I have also had some short clips taken of hooping, attempting new moves and just having a generally good jam at Club check it out below! 

I you have any requests for us to video anyone or any toy make a comment and we will try get onto it. 
We have two big events coming up, performing for a Ball/Formal dance as well as an on stage performance Unity in Diversity this month! So watch this space for updates. 

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