17 August, 2015

Never seen before, behind the scenes footage!

Unity in Diversity 2015!

Last Friday the Club was part of a choreographed stage performance in a real theater with a real audience that people had to pay to see! Things are getting serious up in here.

 We had the fantastic opportunity to perform both LED/Glow toys and debut our aerial skills! I was operating back stage telling people when to change lighting and play music so have got a few quick snaps from behind the scenes.
Trying to eat glow sticks.... Back stage nerves starting to kick in perhaps? 

Quick last minute practice minutes before heading on stage!

Allllllll the glow sticks!

UV lights. Damn look at those socks and tie!
The devil sticks are also pretty cool :p 

Debut lyra performance!
This had better not be a one and only.

Crowd went wild thinking she was going to fall!
That girl has got some skill 

That concludes the exclusive behind the scenes photography but here are some of the more professional photographs done by MUSA photographer Nicholas Kan. Appreciation to you!

Interval entertainment for guests. Posers...

Talk about glamorous shot!

Thanks to Nicholas for the brilliant shot of the cigar box act!
Great colour coordination might I just point out. 

If you didn't get the chance to come along to the act never fear! We will be out and about more as the weather gets drier and warms up. If you around Palmerston North don't be nervous, flick us an email and pop on down to one of our club nights to get a better insight into our crazy antics!

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