20 May, 2017

Warming Things Up

It's been a while since we had an update and people have been asking for pictures!

Us! @ Activity Centre, Massey University; Turitea Campus
We had an amazing turn out for our Showcase. Thanks everyone who came along and checked us out.

We are happy to welcome our new members! There has been an influx in people who are working with dragon staff, fans, whips, and poi, among other things. We are always happy for new members to come and share their enthusiasm and ideas. We are mostly self taught and love to share our skills! Everyone has their own particular style and it's loads of fun to watch people go from their first tentative tries with a toy or discipline, to developing competence and confidence, and wowing us all with their new found amazing talents and skills.

Jake WOWs the crowd with his dragon staff at the "Lido LuWow Day Rave"
We recently took part in the Lido Luwow Day Rave. When we spin at the Lido it is basically our only indoor fire gig we can do. Other indoor gigs are no-fire affairs... it's tough to get up on an indoor stage under hot lights without taking out the scenery so it's just not an option we'd consider, but surrounded by water we managed to heat up an already tropical event and had a great time. These kids are a super enthusiastic audience.
Tarah enthralls the audience with her glow poi.
Tropical action: Cole heats things up with his staff.
Tessa and Tarah, tunneling;
with glow juggling and glow poi.
As we are a student club it's also been really rewarding getting involved with student events on campus. On Wednesday, after retreating from the dismal weather, we were in the MUSA Lounge entertaining students, lighting things up to support inclusiveness on campus for the Day of Silence.

We are looking forward to getting some new toys soon, we will have more news of upcoming gigs that are in the works, and more information about some of the things we do, why we do them, and how!

If you have any burning questions (see what I did there.. *cough*) feel free to email us pnmufc@gmail.com

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