10 June, 2017

Upskilling our Committee

Treasurer; learning to save lives.
We have a fantastic safety record and it doesn't happen by accident. Every year we ensure that our Committee members have valid First Aid certificates so that, we have trained people who know what to do in an emergency. Okay, so we won't be needing to dislodge chips of Lego from small children's airways, but you never know when a person will need to assess and manage possible hazards to keep our performers or audience safe. 
Secretary; seems to have plastic baby.

Committee Assistant.
A very useful person.
Does a lot of work and also
makes a mean cuppa tea.
5 stars * * * * *
This year with the support of MUSA we have 3 newly trained Committee members (and our Performance Coordinator's certificate was renewed earlier this year). The Red Cross first aid course covered all sorts of things including how to treat burns, chemical burns, breaks, sprains and dislocations, along with allergic reactions and poisonings which are not out of the realm of possibility when you are dealing with acrobatics, aerials, stilts, feats of balance, and toxic flammable liquids. We also had lots of fun, and got to meet some nice people.

We are psyching ourselves up for a lot of new performances in the works. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming events. Some of the ones coming up will be free public events so keep an eye out!

Our practices will be continuing over the Massey University holidays. The next Semester will be bringing a second Clubs' Day in July. Can't wait to meet new people! Come and find us!

In the fifth week of Semester Two (that's August 14-18) there is an Arts & Cultures Festival planned on campus which will be a wild time. We'll be cracking out the costumes (and the whips) and wowing people with our fancy stuff.

Just because you love us so much, check out our excellent trash selfies.

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