01 July, 2017

Winter Festival

Jake with his fast spins: Photo, Rob Edwards
Hi there, folks. We just had a spin as part of the recent Palmerston North Winter Festival! Down on George Street outside the library we had some juggling, stilts, glow poi and fans, fire juggling, staff and dragon-staff, devil stick and fire wands.

These gigs are really great for members of the public who are running on a budget. Our next performance in public will be on the 8th of July when we are performing outside the Regent on Broadway before the Mid Winter Hafla. This annual bellydance event promises to be a great show, and we are an added bonus. Feel free to drop by and see us, and maybe check out the show. If you're driving past, keep your eyes on the road!

It's been really cold this winter, but frosty as opposed to last year's rain, so we have had plenty of opportunity to practice our fire arts. We've also had some get-togethers for hot chocolate (and tea.. and biscuits) which really took the edge off exam stresses.
James Ardo, beautiful burn-off: Photo, Rob Edwards
With some help from MUSA, we now have more toys! A dragon staff (with many wicks on each end) fire juggling balls, and a new whip (great for trainee ringmasters.. but no animal acts please!). If you want to come and see what we do, our regular meetings are 7:30 - 9:30 at the Activity Centre by the Rec on campus at Massey University. Come play some time!

At the start of the university semester there will be another Clubs' Day (19th July) and we're still getting hyped for the Arts and Cultures Festival on campus in August. Pop by and come and meet us; ask some questions; make some friends. We have new people joining us all through the year and it's cool to try new things, dress up, and share our experiences with all sorts of different activities and props. Some keen people even make new props that nobody has ever seen before! Just bring your enthusiasm and curiosity; no experience required.

Erebus, playing with fire; Photo, Rob Edwards

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