06 August, 2014

Good Golly, Miss Molly!

Good morning! Hello! Ave! Guten Tag! And other such greeting from differing locations!

So, while ambling around the internets, I found a large pile of digital dust, gave it a wipe and you know what I found? Well, this blog...

With a can of rust remover and a massive jar of elbow grease, I have started to chip away at this thing and see if there is life left in it! Fingers crossed there is...

From memory, our last post was generally about what has happened over the last little bit of 2013. That was fun and exciting, but ultimately, things must be kept moving forward. HOWEVER! The majority of those things will happen again! Hurray!

Now, as you would all like to know, I'll start with a basic run down with what we've been up to over the last year!

There was... Uh... We had... This one time, we...

O.k... I'm not going to lie... This year has been kinda slow... And quiet... However, we are still here! And we did a couple things that people were at!

There was also this!

The former was a fun musical night with the Funtastic team at Groovylicious. There were pirates... The other was where some of our crew hung out with the crew at the Celtic for an awesome concert night!

See! Through the magic of the internets, we still live! And we're still kinda pretty!

So, what have we been doing in the meantime? We have been playing with new things! All the new things! New skills! New toys! New acts! Old acts! Other things that can and shall not be described!

Through the overwhelming wisdom of the short attention span generation, I offer these as extra proof we live and have done things! All acts are property of respected performers and are subject to availablility (so says our lawyers).

And because I am not super magical with computers, heres a youtube link to another thing that our crew gets to play with!

Now, onto the future! With more excitingness and colour! Well, more accurately just words... And more words inbetween...

On our calender we have these things happening!

Unity in Diversity! 16 August at the Globe Theatre! A fun two show event where multiple cultures come and enlighten us with some of their dances, stories and generally showing us all how fantastic some of the other cultures in our cities are. Also, we'll be there swinging stuff around for funsies!

September 6, we are helping out the Roller Derby girls fundraise to send some of our local bruisers internationally with the Nation Roller Derby Team! The last time we hung out with the ladies, we had an absolute blast and it was amazing to be around these girls. This time it's meant to be bigger! Details are limted at this point, but come on out and support some of our awesome local sports type people! More info to follow!

Whanganui festival of Cultures! 18 October in Whanganui!
We were there last year and we had an amazing time! Make the trip over for a whole days worth of shows and performers!

A new event coming up on our list to be aware of is the Marton Market Day. This is in November, so keep you eyes posted for more information and when you can see our awesome faces!

We also have a couple other things in the works, some of which are on a "need to know" basis, so if we get the go, we (or I) will word vomit them in your lovely direction!

With that all said and done, I shall leave you with what I have written and actually return to the work I'm supposed to be doing... Or... Get lunch then do work...

Peace out!


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