25 August, 2014

Good morning! Hello! Dobar Dan and other international greetings!

A small update today!

Things are slowly moving along with the club and we're knocking out spins left, right and centre! Our recent one bought us to the Lido Aquatic Centre, where we hung out for the Glow in the Dark Wave Rave! Was a pretty fun night for the kids, and it was pretty cool for the children that came too!

With the power of modern technology and a bit of voodoo magic, we have thrown together a little box of moving pictures to show you all some of the stuff we did and how cool the place was!


I'll admit, not the greatest quality footage, but I am a clown, not a film maker! Haha!

Anywho, keep your ground to the ear and we'll let you know where we will be popping up next!


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